About The Artist

Will Ranson takes a unique and fun approach to his art, known in the art world for his modernist contemporary approach to his craft. He believes in the freedom to simple paint.

A not very well kept secret is that “Will Ranson”, is in fact an alias, as his true identity is something he wishes to keep private. Also another intentionally non-secret fact is that 100% of the proceeds for all auctions, private commissions, and event sales goes to charities associated with the Will Ranson Foundation or those affiliated with causes where pieces are donated or a private collectors choice. We make this fact known to help spark interest from events or organizations that we feel compelled to support.



ART BEAT MAGAZINE, New Artist Profile Interview. “I take a no rules, no limits, no influence approach to my art, that is compounded by a unique and rare lack of outside pressure to predict, persuade or profit from what comes out the other end of my canvas. Some days I feel like Alice falling down the rabbit hole.”

Will works from his studio in the Southeastern US, and welcomes all inquiries; especially those from charitable organizations that would like to solicit pieces to benefit their cause.

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